Little Lever

Little Lever has a population of approx. 12,500 people and the town centre currently spans from the Tesco store all the way along Market Street to the indoor market on High Street. There are a range of facilities and shops in the town, including a community library, sports and leisure centre and park. Work is already underway in Little Lever Town Centre on a new library and health centre which will strengthen the offer and footfall in the area.


Aerial shot of Little Lever

Taking Action

Future development will focus on retaining and re-vitalising the heart of the town centre, providing facilities that encourage a thriving day and night-time economy, that add to and complement the existing offer. Making best use of the community assets and building on established social and community groups to meet the needs of residents is key to the success of plans moving forward.

There are also opportunities to focus on improved transport links to Radcliffe, Bury and Manchester and improving pedestrian linkages, public realm and car parking.

The Council has adopted a three-pronged regeneration strategy to face the challenges facing Little Lever:

  • create a masterplan
  • intervene directly
  • leverage private investment
Little Lever Health Centre and Library

A £16m budget was approved in 2019 to support the delivery of town centre strategies in Farnworth, Westhoughton, Horwich and Little Lever, which aims to sustain the immediate future of the town centres to the benefit of the wider Borough and its residents.

Funding will be used to create strategies and masterplans in consultation with the local community and stakeholders to support targeted interventions which ultimately will attract private sector investment to secure any development proposals. The level of funding given to any town centre will depend on the overall content and quality of the strategy and masterplan and the level of support needed to initiate development. The budgets will be worked up during the final stages in the development of the plans.

Little Lever Street

Masterplans and Proposals

On completion of a masterplan for Little Lever, a town centre Strategy will be developed by Bolton Council that will include target interventions, a masterplan framework and outlined economic benefits. An action plan of priorities, output measures and indicators will then be developed, monitored and reviewed annually by the Director of Place and Assistant Director of Economic Development and Regeneration alongside members of the Horwich town centre Steering Group.

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