Located next to Bolton’s £50m Transport Interchange, Trinity Quarter is a fast-evolving gateway to the town centre. Providing a mixed use residential and office development.

Trinity Gateway

The Bolton Trinity development will introduce a mix of residential, office and other developments including a multi-storey car park, hotel and commercial use  over a series of carefully planned phases.

It will be a unique destination, anchored by a series of interlinked squares that each has a distinct purpose – from a hub for the business community to a focal point for commuters and visitors, showcasing the district’s old and modern architecture.

Delivery Approach

• Phase 1: Trinity Gateway - 6,675 sqm offices, 33 townhouses, 19 apartments, 2,400sqm
storage/retail showroom
• Phase 2: Trinity Village - high density residential (128 townhouses, 20 apartments) on primarily
Council-owned land in the north of the area
• Phase 3: Empire Scheme - 188 apartments, 2,870sqm ground floor commercial
• Phase 4 Merchant’s Quarter - 360 apartments and 3,640sqm of ground floor commercial.
Phasing will depend upon the nature of delivery - single development partner or block-by-block

Trinity Jobs
Trinity Homes
Trinity GVA
“Trinity Gateway is a truly transformative project and one which will elevate the profile of the town and set a new benchmark for quality in Bolton. It is a tremendously exciting time for the town with a number of significant development proposals about to enter the delivery phase.”

Trinity Quarter Masterplan

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