Bolton Community Homes Ltd

Bolton Community Homes is an Independent partnership with other Registered Social Housing Associations and the Local Authority, leading on a wide range of Projects and Regeneration Initiatives. Collectively, our members manage and maintain more than 25,000 homes, directly employ more than 1,300 people in Bolton and lead on a wide range of regeneration initiatives which are crucial to the prosperity of the borough.

Our vision is to enable the development and management of housing services in Bolton in a way that helps to create sustainable communities and neighbourhoods that work. It will also provide a framework for service excellence and continuous improvement, recognising the value and importance of diversity, choice and opportunity for all.

BCH plays a facilitating role – bringing partners together to deliver joined-up services and helping developers to take projects from the drawing board to final delivery. Although we usually work behind the scenes, our results are highly visible, as we improve housing provision and unlock new opportunities for residents.

Our partner organisations are all unique, but are still able to come together with a shared vision and approach.