Bolton Strategy

Bolton Council’s vision is to boost the Town Centre’s role as a key player in the Greater Manchester economy. The Bolton Blueprint provides a toolkit for regenerating the town centre through an approach that is aligned with the council’s long-term vision for Bolton. This is further supported by Bolton’s Economic Strategy for Growth, a comprehensive assessment of the local economy, and complemented by The University of Bolton Strategic Plan a five-year development scheme to strengthen the universities educational assets.

This is further bolstered by the commitment of the Bolton Vision Partnership outlined in the Bolton 2030 Vision Summary. The aim of this document is to create a vibrant Town Centre and wider community on a foundation of inclusive growth, partnership for successful project completion.

The Bolton Town Centre Framework or Bolton Masterplan proposes five key intervention in which investment will be concentrated as part of a first phase of interventions to drive growth across the Town Centre and act as a catalyst for wider investment.

The updated Bolton Town Centre Investor prospectus which been developed by Deloitte and Bolton Council to demonstrate the opportunity available for inward investment into the town centre and supports the vision set out in Bolton’s Masterplan. This document has recently been updated to include an evaluation economic impacts of Covid-19.

Bolton Town Hall