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Why Invest

Bolton offers a rich variety of opportunities – from commercial developments to housing schemes – and expects to see more than £1bn of town centre investment in the next 15 years.

It’s a key player in the Greater Manchester economy, which is at the heart of UK Government’s Northern Powerhouse strategy.

The difference

What sets Bolton apart from many major towns and cities is it has a clear vision for the future backed by political and financial commitment from its local authority.

Bolton Council is actively preparing key sites for development and has committed to investment that will deliver high quality public realm and improve connectivity and accessibility using the latest technology throughout the town centre.

Bolton can therefore offer investment-ready locations that fit with a comprehensive strategy designed to create schemes that are successful in their own right while contributing to the long-term success of the town.

Investors will find Bolton offers a business-friendly environment and a local authority with a track record in working successfully with the private sector.