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Introduction to Area

The Greater Manchester Mayor’s Town Centre Challenge provides Bolton with an opportunity to unlock Farnworth’s potential, both in terms of community and economic value. A new vision for Farnworth will be developed that focusses on both the place and also its people.

Farnworth Town Centre Masterplan: Have your say
A draft masterplan for Farnworth town centre has been developed and we would like to get your views on the draft proposals. To see the proposal, drop in events and complete our online question click here.

Development Principles

Develop apartment blocks

Develop a ‘green’ environment – that makes the best use of the existing Farnworth Park and green corridors that link the north of the borough with Salford/Manchester.

Utilise the River Croal

Lifestyle and Community – Provide facilities that encourage a thriving day and night time economy and look to diversify, add value to, and complement the existing offer. Making best use of community assets and building on established social and community groups, including linking new models of health and social care to meet the needs of residents and improve access.

To create a neighbourhood

Housing – Provision of good quality housing in attractive environments. Provide an affordable housing offer for all and utilise brownfield sites within the town centre focusing on opportunities to commute into Manchester/Bolton, with facilities on hand.

Site vision

A new vision for Farnworth will be developed that focusses on both the place and its people. This new vision will deliver attractive environments and an improved residential offer for all ages; improved connectivity – walking/cycling/public transport/digital/communities/ individuals, and focus on Farnworth’s needs and aspirations whilst creating a sense of pride.